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Even after 15 years of its formation, Panauti Municipality does not have any SWM plans and programmes.  Rapid urbanisation process, corresponding with the improved standards of living of people in the area, the per capita waste generation has also increased significantly in recent years, and the traditional method of waste disposal has ceased. Consequently, not only the Panauti urban areas are converting into unpleasant sites producing a pungent order, but also into places that pose serious public health hazards. Unless appropriate steps are taken, within short period of time, the situation could be that of other leading urban municipalities, where the SWM issues and problems have compounded with multiple challenges, including social conflicts and disharmony. European Union finance the implementation of the action entitled ” Towards Developing a Model of Green Municipality: Integrating Solid Waste and Natural Resource Management Practices in Panauti Municipality for Improved Waste Management and Local Green Economy”.  The major objectives of this action is to support in the improvement of the waste management practices by introducing and demonstrating an effective and efficient mechanism, systems and ways for combined ISWM and NRM practices, especially for the management of Municipal waste of Panauti Municipality. Special focus will be given towards organising and mobilising local community groups and integrating an additional value adding component of that of NRM i... Read more

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